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York October 2005 In Pictures

by Jim Kelly

The Eastern Division-TCA Fall 2005 York meet featured some important changes including the expansion of the meet to three days and the opening of two new halls and the closing of two others. Opening the meet on Thursday forced many attendees and dealers to alter long-standing schedules. The rainy weather, combined with the earlier opening of the meet proper, must have affected attendance and sales at the pre-show “bandit” meets. Here’s a look at some of the physical spaces utilized by sellers at both the “bandit” meets and at the York Fairgrounds.

Early Wednesday morning, October 12, 2005 at the "Billy Budd" Holiday Inn.

This was early, but activity outdoors at the Billy Budd was sparse with the intermittent rain. There is also an indoor trading area.

This is the Best Western, and there was a little more activity here. This is an outdoor-only venue.

The parking lot a little later in the morning at the Holiday Inn "Holidome."

The indoor trading area at the Holidome was quite good with activity spilling into the halls and into individual rooms.

All the activity is indoors at the Reliance Fire Hall.

Some of the vintage real-life fire engines on display at the Reliance.

At the TCA meet, much of the buzz centered around happenings in the new (Toyota) Orange Hall, to the right. The new Brown Hall is on the left.

"Memorial Hall" actually houses the Silver Hall to the left, and the Blue Hall to the right. The TCA registration desk is here. These two halls are for individual table holders.

Opposite and up the slight hill from the Blue and Silver Halls are the Red and White Halls.

Hopefully next Spring the weather will be better and attendees will be ready with a good game plan to hit the ground running at the next York meet.


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