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Details Of The Standard Gauge Module Association April 2007 Planning Meeting At York

By Bert Schuck, with photos by Jim Kelly

Jon Hinderer inspects a module with the new 9-wire spec and Molex connectors installed

Members of the Standard Gauge Module Association met for lunch at the York Fairgrounds restaurant on Friday, April 20, 2007. A proposed new Plexiglas fascia was discussed. This included a design for a new wood faceplate grooved to accept the Plexiglas with the Velcro for the cloth skirt attached to it. Still to be decided was the actual height and thickness of the Plexiglas. This Plexiglas fascia may be a requirement for public displays such as Altoona.

Bob Nelson comments on the fascia placement.

Bert Schuck considers the height requirement of the plexiglas fascia.

Bert Schuck and Chris Bogus working through some additional engineering issues with the proposed fascia.

Bert Schuck displays a drawing showing the proposed fascia cross section.

Kent Anderson talked about the new corner tunnel he is having constructed and we talked about tunnel portal clearances. Exact portal sizes are to be determined.

There was some discussion about the upcoming display at Altoona including details of the planned Horseshoe Curve, who will be participating, guest operators, etc. The size of the display will be roughly the same size as the York, October 2006 display at 24' x 54'. Hotel accommodations and other particulars were also topics covered.

SGMA members Bob Nelson, Jon Hinderer, and Bert Schuck.

We discussed the new Ross STDG turnout and the possibility of using it in future displays. Jim Kelly had some pictures and videos on his camera showing the new turnout with a Lionel #42 and Boucher loco both running through the prototype switch without issue. I talked to Steve at Ross and he seemed to like the idea of using the new turnout on my Burplaspa transition modules for the TTOS meet.

The Molex plug end of the 9 wire module bus.


Method of securing the additional ninth wire to the terminal strip using one of the mounting screws.

There was some brief talk about Bob's module design with the crossings and the use of Burns Electronics controls. And there was some general discussion about the overall design theme of the SGMA modules. Some folks showed interest in coming up with backdrops to go behind modules for a more scenic effect. It was generally agreed upon to keep the basic design theme along the lines of prewar tinplate toys, concentrating more on toy like appearance than detailed scale-like scenery.

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