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Standard Gauge Module Association Layout Seen At The World's Greatest Hobby Show On Tour in Chantilly, VA January 23 & 24, 2010.

Attendance at this show set a new record for a toy train show at over 40,000.

by Jim Kelly

Standard Gauge Module Association members assembled their largest and most complicated layout to date at the World's Greatest Hobby Show On Tour event in Chantilly, VA during the weekend of January 23 & 24, 2010. The layout consisted of two large rectangles joined together in the middle and featured five separate operating loops.

Kirk Lindvig, Chris Bogus, Ken Fisher and Bob Nelson confer during setup.

Bert Schuck, Clem Clement, Pat Rolland and Chris Bogus work on logistics.

Pat Rolland and Jim Cottzolla discuss the unique module configuration.

The Horseshoe Curve display modules.

Trains running on Jim Kelly's modules.

Bert Schuck and Jon Hinderer with Bert's modules.

Dorfan passenger set exits Bob Nelson's station complex headed for a Hellgate Bridge.

Arno Baars with an unusual home made Standard gauge streamliner.

A look down the SGMA main line.

Blue Comets are always spectacular to watch in operation.

The Brute made its debut.

Three Blue Comets and a large consist of Stephen Girard cars.

Boucher DeLuxe 2500 locomotive and custom painted cars.


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