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A Guide To Lionel Classic Era Steam Locomotive Motors And Pickup Assembly Plates

by Bruce Greenberg

Clem Clement and Bruce Greenberg are currently focusing their studies on Lionel classic era Standard gauge steam locomotives: 384, 384E, 385E, 390, 390E, 392E, 400E, 1760, 1770, 1770E, 1835E. Reproduced here are the most important pages from the data collection form for motors (3) and pickup assemblies (1). These pages should be very useful to Standard gauge collectors.

Clem and I have prepared a data collection form for owners of these locomotives. We are asking people to assist us in our study. If you have any of these locomotives and you would be willing to participate in the study please contact Bruce Greenberg (brucecgreenberg1{at} for a copy of the data collection form in PDF format.

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