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A Look At Francesco Biaggi Ca. 1955 From The Pages Of The Gauge 1 Journal

by Jim Kelly-Evans

On Ebay a few months ago I noticed a listing for a copy of the Gauge 1 Journal dated Jan/Mar 1984. The cover photograph showing F. Biaggi caught my eye because Italian model train manufacturer Francesco Biaggi is an enigmatic figure in the model train world. I have not been able to find out much about him, even though he was actively manufacturing trains for decades and some of his models are quite appealing. So I purchased the journal copy offered on Ebay as well as ten additional issues up through and including issue 12 from Jan/Mar 1987. Issue No. 12 may have been the last issue, I'm not sure. The publisher was D. B Henon of Philadelphia, about whom I have been unable to find out very much. The content included in the various issues focuses on 2 rail No. 1 gauge, 1 gauge construction projects, garden railroads, and occasionally on tinplate. The following article on Biaggi from the first issue of the Gauge 1 Journal is a small tinplate time capsule!

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