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A "Christmas Day Diner"

by Mike Isenberg

I really like full size Standard Gauge Diners, made from Standard Gauge passenger cars. Lionel's 442 is too small for use with Standard Gauge in my book. I got the chance to buy a miserable looking 419 on eBay. I won't alter anything that is decent, but this was a goner. I decided to do what I called a "Christmas Day Diner", and what better color than REAL candy apple red?

I looked at hobby stores and could not find real Candy Apple Red, like was often used on custom cars in the 1950's. To get the full effect, you have to prime the piece with metallic Gold & then paint transparent Candy Red over that. I finally found some paint I liked at an Obrien's Auto Parts store. I disassembeled the 419, stripped it and then spent many hours sanding with 400 grit emery paper. After finally getting the rust off, I primed it aluminum, then metallic gold. Several light coats of Candy Red made it almost glow. I found the miniature wreaths at a Hobby Lobby, and had a graphic designer create the sign. I used pebbled rigid vinyl as windows to give it a frosty look, perfect for Christmas.

Here's the end result:


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