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by Leo Oostenbrug

Last September, a couple of us ran a 'record' LNER train by pooling our Gresley teaks. The A3 pulls 13 of them!

The pictures are shot at Steven Vermeulens outdoor coarse scale 0 gauge layout. Steven, Fred van der Lubbe and myself decided to spend the afternoon running our 'large consist' train, even doubleheading her with a second, railpowered A3 by Sunset models. The A3 in the pics is my Bassett-Lowke modern production loco which is radio control operated and thus moves independent of railpower. Also some testruns were made with vintage B-L clockwork loco's and a modern made B-L live steam mogul was put through it's paces.

Layout Specifications:

I run my own locos with 2.4 GHz RC. This is a simple system: All loco's are modified in that all rail/wheel/motor contacts are removed and two wires are soldered directly from the motor to a miniature connector, that hooks up with the first coach of the train that contains the radio gear and batteries.

We operate A3, A4 and Princess Class Pacifics, tank loco's and EMU's by B-L, ACE and Sunset, as well as live steam and electric Moguls.

Coach stock is mainly ACE: blood & custard Mk1s, Gresley Teaks, LMS sets... also quite few ACE/Wright special coaches have found their way to the netherlands.

The photo below was awarded a prize in the ACE Trains 2008 photo contest.

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