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by Colin Duthie

This project came about for several reasons:

1. I made this loco during the centenary year of Meccano (2001.)

2. I had some Meccano not being used (including an E20R motor and some gears.)

3. Some tinplate sheet was on hand.

4. The quaint loco on page 91 of the book `The Hornby Gauge 0 system` had caught my eye.

5. The project would cost very little!

Page 91 from "The Hornby 0 Gauge System," published by

New Cavendish Books, London, 1994, 2002

(reproduced by kind permission of New Cavendish Books)

A plan was obtained from the Archives section of the Hornby Railway Collectors Association. The model was built by the wielding of tinsnips, piercing saw, soldering iron, files etc. Some reproduction Hornby No.2 Pullman (early style) windows were made, plus dummy Hornby Snowplough type lamps. Painting was done with spray cans, red and green were chosen as they seem to be "Meccano-ish" colours.

Meccano Ltd designed this steeple cab electric loco body in 1925, for use as a Meccano part in conjunction with a chassis to be made from Meccano, with a Meccano electric motor installed. It was not produced, however. Not knowing just what Meccano, Ltd. intended as a chassis design I made up my own, with gear drive to one axle, and chain and sprocket drive to the other axle.

It sure is big! It is Standard gauge size. With its low clearance it can be a menace on the layout, striking things enroute. So I keep it to one track which has adequate spacing from accessories, etc.


It runs well, and does not require great amounts of amps/volts, etc. The loco hauls quite a respectable load too! 0 gauge rolling stock looks far too small, however, a Bowman coach looks better (Bowman was oversized for 0 gauge.)

Perhaps Meccano, Ltd. intended boys to make suitable rolling stock from Meccano. I don`t know. Anyway, it was an interesting project. Of course, like all Meccano & Erector models it can be dismantled, but I keep it assembled and regard it as another loco in my collection.

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