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A Whistle Car With Universal Couplings

by Colin Duthie

I had a spare Lionel whistle and decided to install it in a Lionel base with a homemade body. This enables non-whistle equipped locos to have a whistle.

This photo shows a prewar Lionel 262E, with a prewar crane. Note that the whistle car has postwar knuckle couplings, but a simple modification permits it to also couple to prewar Lionel, and also Marx tab/slot, plus many other brands too, European trains included. So it is possible to use a Lionel loco with, for example, British Pullmans. I have other `converter cars` representing baggage cars, so these do not look out of place with passenger trains.

This photo shows the whistle car with the tinplate body removed. A few hours work with tin snips, soldering iron, etc., and the result is a useful item, - great for public displays and suchlike.

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