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Modern European Outline ‘0’ Gauge Trains: “AS” of France

By Bryant Booth

Section Eight: AS “Voitures et Wagons” - Carriages and Wagons

As noted in the introduction, between 1980 and 1990 AS produced a large number and variety of two and four axle passenger coaches (Voitures), baggage wagons (Fourgons), postal wagons (Voitures postales), motor cars (Automotrices), and subway units (Motrice du metro motorisee). I have tried to illustrate here a sample of the AS “Voitures et Wagons” that are representative of their production over this period.

1st and 3rd class coaches of the EST
(Photo courtesy of SAS Auctions)

NORD 2nd Class and Baggage wagon. The carriages are 22.5 cm in length.
Note the relatively simple trucks used on these cars.(Photo courtesy of SAS Auctions)

A NORD 222T leads a suburban train of three classes of carriages and a baggage van.
(Photo courtesy of Archaic Photos)

A 35 cm OCEM 2nd class coach of the PLM.
(Photo courtesy of SAS Auctions)

A PLM 222T with a 1st, 3rd, and 2nd class coach. There is also a Postal van (not shown) that fits in well with this consist. The coaches are 30 cm long.

(Photo courtesy of Archaic Photos)

The “La Rotonde” AS Paris à Orléans (PO) 141TA locomotive pulls a train consisting of aBaggage/1st class, a 2nd class, and 3rd class carriages each 22.5 cm in length.
(Photo courtesy of Archaic Photos)

For the Fleche d’Or train, in 1981 AS made a CIWL baggage car, a Pullman car and two Pullman cars with kitchens. The cars were 35 cm in length.
(Photo courtesy of Fred van der Lubbe)

Rheingold cars of the Mitropa Company. According to an AS catalogue their models were inspired by the Rheingold carriages used in the 20s.
(Photo courtesy of Bryan Pentland)

A catalogue page showing the AS CIWL Teak carriages. The original teak coaches were first built in 1873.

A very unique set of CIWL coaches made by AS in a small series of 100 copies (ref 1 page 49) is this 35 cm, white sleeping car for the Cairo-Alexandria Egyptian Railway. AS also made a companion CIWL coach that had Arabic lettering on the sides.

(Photo courtesy of SAS Auctions)

A SNCF Electric Motor Car from AS. Two additional “trailing” cars were part of the set.
(Photo courtesy of SAS Auctions)

In addition to the trains illustrated above, AS made the following well known trains:

- CIWL blue/cream Pullmans and Baggage wagons
- Paris METRO with it’s “SPRAGUE” designed power cars and carriages
- The NORD-Sud line with “SPRAGUE” designed power cars and carriages
- SBB-CFF coaches and baggage wagon
- Venice Simplon-Orient Express.

AS also produced ‘0’ gauge trains for businesses outside of France. For Highfield Models of Harrogate, England AS produced 215 English styled carriages with Hornby couplers (Ref 1. Page 23). It is also known that in the mid-80s AS produced for an Ernst Rudolf Klein of Germany four different Rheingold coaches who sold them under the Billerbahn label. The cars actually carry the Billerbahn label which was printed onto the coach by serigraphy.

The Billerbahn label on an AS Rheingold coach plus a British styled coach for Highfield Models
(Photos courtesy of Tom Dunstall (left) and Bryan Pentland (right))

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