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Modern European Outline ‘0’ Gauge Trains: “AS” of France

By Bryant Booth

Section Seven: The AS 140C and 040TA locomotives

In addition to the 222TA and 231 Pacific locomotives, in the years 1987 to 1989, AS produced fairly detailed models of two more “local” locomotives, both of which originated in the Chemin de Fer de l'État and were absorbed into the SNCF after nationalization.

The SNCF 140C was capable of hauling both passenger and freight trains and 340 of these “Consolidation” locomotives were constructed between 1913 and 1920. Four of the locomotives have been preserved and the prototype of the AS model, 140C 231, is preserved at the “Musée vivant du chemin de fer” in Longueville, France (The Living Museum of the Railway) south east of Paris in north central France.

The preserved SNCF 140C 231
(Photo source Wikipedia)

The AS 140C “Consolidation”
(Photo courtesy of SAS Auctions)

The 140C is probably my favorite AS locomotive. It has a relatively “clean” boiler but is nicely detailed, There isn’t a lot of seriography for the details. It has a “work horse” look to it, enhanced by the unusual load gauge on the tender the purpose of which is to show the crew the limit of how high they could stack the coal and starter blocks.

The AS 140C with the load gauge on the tender.

The SNCF 040TA tank locomotive was a shunting engine on the Chemins de Fer de L’Etat. Between 1914 and 1922 one hundred forty three of these locomotives were built and moved into the SNCF with the nationalization of the railroads. They have a unique look to them due to the sloping front portion of the side-water tanks that allowed the engineer a better view of the track ahead. Two of these locomotives are preserved today. The prototype of the AS model SNCF 3-040.TA.137 is preserved at the Musée vivant du chemin de fer in Longueville, France (The Living Museum of the Railway) South east of Paris in north central France.

The SNCF 040TA
(Photo source Wikipedia)

The AS 040TA locomotive
(Photo courtesy of Archaic Photos)

The model is a nicely detailed, coarse scale locomotive. It combines stamped metal components like the metal grate in the cab roof and crisp, rivet detail with wire pipes and handrails. The tank locomotive was produced in two SNCF liveries; green with yellow striping and black with red striping. The full coal bunker makes it is hard to see the backhead detail inside the cab.

Two views of the AS 040TA

In 1989 you could purchase one of these from the hobby store “Modelbouw Rijnmond” in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, for $395.00 (including shipping to the US !).

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