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December 2013

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Welcome to Tinplate Times, an online resource focusing on tinplate toy trains and the people who collect and operate them.

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Feature Articles:

Modern European Outline ‘0’ Gauge Trains: “AS” of France - By Bryant Booth. AS trains are almost unheard of in the US. Yet in its 10 + year history the company produced models of six classes of steam locomotives, over 80 different two and four axle passenger/baggage/postal coaches, and six motor car and subway units. In his fourth article in the series on European tinplate trains, Bryant Booth introduces to AS trains of France.

The Lone Chrome Mayflower - By Clem Clement. Clem tells the story of a rare piece of American Flyer history and offers a theory about how a single chrome Mayflower car came to be.

The Dream City Railway: A 21st Century Layout Running Tinplate Trains in the UK - By Roy James. The culmination of a boyhood dream and over 16 years of work, UK hobbyist Roy James now has a 1500 square foot 0 gauge, two rail layout with 30 modern tinplate trains running simultaneously through 17 stations automatically controlled from a central control room with the aid of closed circuit television. You have to see it to believe it!

Tracing the Provenance of a Unique Carlisle & & Finch No. 45 Locomotive and Tender - by Jim Kelly-Evans. An early example of a C & F No. 45 has a number of interesting characteristics that differ from the usual examples making it possible to trace where it has been for decades.

United Electric's Tinplate Powered Airplane Display - by Jerry Dzara. Air transport was all the rage in the 1920s and 1930s when Lionel introduced their Model 55 Electric Remote Control Airplane and Airport No. 49. But Lionel was neither the first nor the only company to market an airplane and pylon model. Jerry Dzara looks at another company's unique powered toy airplane and pylon from 1927.

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